Today, Hillary Clinton argued that in Bizarro World, she would now be
the undisputed nominee of the Democratic party.  “In Bizarro
World,” she explained, “the candidate receiving the least number of
votes in an election is the winner.  Superman and Lois Lane are
also husband and wife in Bizarro World.  I think everybody wants
to see those two hook up — in Bizarro World, it’s a done deal.
As president of Bizarro World, I’ll be ready to hit the ground running
amidst heavy sniper fire.  In Bizarro World, my campaign has
loaned me eleven million dollars.  In Bizarro World, I’m the transformative black candidate
and Barack Obama is the cynical white woman in a pants suit.”

Clinton added, “I urge all unpledged superdelegates to join me in
Bizarro World — or, as it’s affectionately known to millions around
the world, Washington, D. C.”

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