There's been such an uproar, such expressions of shock, over the possibility that a group of girls at a high school in Gloucester, Massachusetts may have entered into a pact to get pregnant and help each other raise their babies.  It strikes me as a perfectly reasonable proposition, given the world these young women are living in.  They obviously have no expectation of finding young men willing to be committed husbands and fathers, so they are doing what female elephants do — they are organizing for a matriarchal social order.

In the social order of elephants, young males are forced out of the herd as soon as they attain sexual maturity.  The males wander about singly or in small groups, getting into all sorts of trouble, fighting with each other and destroying things, and are let back into the herd only long enough to mate with sexually mature females — at which point they are forcibly ejected once again.  The young are raised exclusively by females.  It's a kind of pregnancy pact.

Male elephants have not made the case to female elephants that they could be useful for something other than impregnating them, and female elephants have responded in the only logical way possible — they have taken responsibility for organizing their society along lines that ensure both stability and the perpetuation of the species.

Given the state of American manhood these days, why should American women — at least those more interested in motherhood than in careers — behave any differently?  Check out the iconography of the ad for Juno at the head of this post — it's very easy to read.  Men are clueless dorks, it says — women rule.  Juno stands before an orange evocation of the American flag like George C. Scott at the beginning of Patton.  The guy doesn't seem to know where he is or what he's doing there.  He could vanish and it would make no difference to Juno whatsoever.

If there was a pregnancy pact in Gloucester it may just mark the beginning of a massive earthshaking female elephant stampede.  Young American men may have to prepare themselves for a lifetime of wandering around aimlessly, rubbing the bark off of trees for no good reason at all.