Mitt Romney’s statement yesterday — that Barack Obama’s first response to the death of our ambassador to Libya was to apologize to those who killed him — was as vile and despicable as any ever made by an American politician, much less one running for President on a major party ticket.  It completely and irrevocably disqualifies him for the office.

Until this statement, I had thought of Romney as a vacuous opportunist, a stooge of the plutocracy much like Obama, but I feel differently now. I think Romney is a moral whore, a truly wicked human being — a man who would suck Sheldon Adelson’s withered old dick at a fundraiser in order to live in the White House.

Until now I could never imagine voting to give Obama a second term, and I still find the idea of that nauseating, but I’m considering casting such a vote solely as a protest against the very idea of a man like Romney engaging in national politics.  I’d consider voting for almost anyone to make such a protest.

Romney needs to be hounded out of national politics in humiliation and disgrace, and anyone who continues to support him needs to repent of the idea immediately in deepest shame.