. . . somebody is going to get mad at me for saying what I am about to say right now, but I am going to give you my honest opinion: I think we have turned our back on the Scripture and on God Almighty and I think he has allowed judgment to fall upon us. I think that’s what’s going on.

With friends like this, Christianity doesn’t need enemies. It will continue its quietly efficient decline into irrelevance all on its own, until it’s just an unpleasant memory in human history.  If that does happen, it will be further proof that the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.  God doesn’t kill little children to endorse the psychotic self-righteousness of dicks like James Dobson.

Dobson, by the way, isn’t some lone Christian maniac.  Time magazine once called him “the nation’s most influential evangelical leader” and he once hosted a radio program that reached an audience in excess of 200 million listeners worldwide.  His brand of religious hooey is the face of Christianity to millions today for a reason.