Golden Globes Hosts

Weren’t those Globes golden?

As the Hollywood community grows year by year shabbier, more vulgar and less talented, so ceremonies like the Golden Globes grow more inspiring. Who among us could not look at that room full of hacks and think, “If I were at one of those tables, I’d be among the classiest and most attractive people in the room”?

What we’re witnessing is the the democratization of celebrity — the gathering of all in a grand jamboree of mediocrity.

2 thoughts on “ALL TOGETHER NOW

  1. I’m in the middle of writing a book that I think (and a few others too) would make a great series for HBO, but one of my writer-type friends said it’s almost too smart for tee vee. Meh. Who knows..grand plans and schemes. Hell, I just want folks to read it and LIKE it. Stay tuned.

    • I am so happy, myself, not to be thinking about what Hollywood might or might not think about what I write — it’s like heaven!

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