5 thoughts on “WHAT I’M SPINNING NOW

    • It really does. I took a 25-year break from vinyl and came to believe that the nostalgia for it was just that . . . nostalgia. But there’s nothing else like it.

      • I got forced into CD’s as a teenager. By the early 90’s you just did not see vinyl around that much anymore. I always hated the presentation of the CD. Everything feels cheap and it is much more condensed. It feels just put out as cheap as possible. Vinyl never felt that way to me. It always felt like a lot of effort went into it.

  1. It’s pathetic how little I know Dylan’s music. Besides the obvious hit songs he’s had, I couldn’t name you a single title of a record or any songs. I’ll look this album up online and give it a listen.

    I hung out with my brother on Saturday in downtown LA and he took me to The Last Book Store which is not only a bitchin’ place to buy books, but they have a killer vinyl collection. I bought fourteen $.99 records (twelve were nonesuch records and two were DG) which is by far the most I’ve walked away with from the bargin bins. All are in very good condition, including the jackets. I did splurge and pay $20 for a copy of Morton Subotnick’s Silver Apples Of The Moon, which is what I’m listening to right now. If you’re ever in DTLA I definitely recommend stoping by that shop.

    • Sounds like a great store, Michael. Be careful listening to “Blood On the Tracks” — it’s the most wrenching portrait of a break-up in history. Can cause serious depression if you’re not in the right mood.

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