Listening again to the words of “Baby Blue”, the Badfinger song that played out the final episode of Breaking Bad, it seems clear to me that Walt’s “Felina” — “wicked Felina, the girl that I loved” — was the blue meth that gave him his power. It was his “Precious”, as Gilligan described it in a post-finale interview, referring to Gollum and the ring.


That blue meth was the only thing Walt ever really loved — more than Gretchen, more than his family — the one true love of his life. As a last act he smeared his blood on a cooking cauldron — “one little kiss then . . . Felina, goodbye.” Walt wanted to kill Jesse because he was cheating on him with the blue meth — the blue meth that belonged only to him. (This is also echoed in the narrative of the song “El Paso”, from which the name Felina is taken.) It’s as dark an ending as one could imagine. The name of the group, Bad-finger, and its bleak, tragic history, added even more shadows to the finale.

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