5 thoughts on “A MAGAZINE AD FOR TODAY

  1. Here is one of those images that seems to capture the whole essence and center of life. I really mean this.
    To be “really refreshed”, and around the clock.
    (And how could you not be, given what is being offered?:
    a Coca-Cola and four hot dogs,
    moreover, the one with the olives.)

    “To be dead, to be really dead:
    That would be glow-rious!”

      • The fact that that was considered a “King Sized Coke” and those were considered “Extra-Fancy Franks” makes me depressed on so many levels about what the “American Dream” has become, from the top to the bottom of the social scale.

  2. When food was fun and we just ate and enjoyed in reasonable portions. I don’t know what is worse. Ironically, we were slimmer back then. Food has just about lost all its appeal for me, it has become an annoyance. I stand there in the kitchen, paralyzed these days. In order to conform and eat healthy foods, I must choose what to eat. But what is there left to eat? I just might go and buy some hot dogs this afternoon, and some Mexican coke. 🙂

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