I’ve always thought that Chris Christie was a mean-spirited sort of jerk, but I’ve never hated him the way many progressives seem to hate him — until now.

There’s something about the George Washington Bridge scandal that nauseates me. It’s just so shabby, so arrogant, so petty, so ugly. I realize it doesn’t rise to the level of misconduct of a Barack Obama, but there is something magnificently, grandly evil about Obama’s attempt to gut the U. S. Constitution during the course of his two terms in office.


Even the Tea Party’s willingness to wreck the U. S. economy rather than accept political impotence has a kind of expansive lunatic folly to it that is impressive. But the GW Bridge scandal is just sad, pathetic, the work of people who have the souls of insects.  The whole thing sickens me.

4 thoughts on “LITTLE MAN

  1. Why is this so perfectly a Jersey thing? In New Orleans, we take bribes, fuck strippers, go to the looney bin, and STILL get reelected governor. In the Garden State it’s all low-rent Sopranos shit. So glad I moved down south!

    • I know! If you’re going to be corrupt, be entertaining about it. You have to be a total loser to think that creating traffic jams is a cool way to misuse state power.

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