Hobby Lobby Birth Control

It’s not much comfort in the short run, but a consoling thought for the long run that the family which owns the Hobby Lobby retail chain is going to Hell.  Technically it’s already in Hell, but someday it will realize it and be suitably surprised.

No one should object to their beliefs.  This is America, where arrogant, mean-spirited nuts have always had a home and, God willing, will always have a home.  If the Hobby Lobby family wants to believe that IUDs are a form of abortion, in defiance of common sense, who are we to judge them?  I myself believe many things that defy common sense, and I don’t think that’s anybody’s business but my own.


But wanting to impose one’s beliefs on others is something else again.  Wanting to do it in the “person” of a legal abstraction called a “corporation” is shameful.  Corporations are not people.  Corporations created by closely-knit families are not people.  They don’t have God-given rights.  Only people have God-given rights.

Wanting to stand before God as a corporation, asking God to love and uphold you as a corporation, is sinful and blasphemous.  It defines you as an inhabitant of Hell.

All people of goodwill should pray for the souls of the family that owns Hobby Lobby, and for the souls of the Supreme Court Justices who have a habit of ruling that corporations are the children of God.  The state, Caesar, creates corporations — God alone creates human beings.  God and Caesar are not the same — never have been, never will be, as a great teacher once reminded us.

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  1. Lloydville has some excellent insights into movies, literature and art but is often spoiled by inane, asinine comments such as the ones regarding the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision.

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