Through the miracle of modern technology I was able to watch Gravity on HBO in 3D.  It’s a modest film both narratively and emotionally — the events are simple, the character illumination (provided through the bits of back-story delivered in the dialogue ) is thin.  But what an amazing adventure it is visually, especially in 3D — fascinating and gripping on that level at every turn.


It’s basically a B-picture tricked out with dazzling special effects and as such an admirable entertainment.

4 thoughts on “SHORT TAKE: GRAVITY

  1. I watched it again recently on Blu-ray and enjoyed it, but I thought it played much better on the big screen. I didn’t see it in 3D but my brother did, and I recall him being knocked out by it.

    • The 3D element was what made it magical for me, and I’m sure it would have been overwhelming in 3D on a big screen — but even on a fairly large flat-screen in 3D it was a knock-out. Can’t imagine how it would play in 2D — will have to check it out sometime.

  2. ‘Gravity’ underwhelmed me. I so wanted to like it – George Clooney on screen for almost 2 hours? Come on! But, I didn’t like it, though I did not see it in 3-D. Maybe that would have made a difference. Another difference for the better would have been to cast someone other than Sandra Bullock. But I think you’re on the mark, Lloyd, when you describe it as basically a B-movie.

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