A splendid New Year’s Eve . . .

A hearty meal of ramen on a very cold night, washed down with a pitcher of Sapporo on draft.  Back home for wine and then vodka and grapefruit juice.  Some excellent Chandon rosé Champagne on the terrace where we had a fine view of the fireworks along The Strip, whose aftermath was lovely.


A bit of caviar to celebrate the start of the the new year properly, then up all night talking with Jae about art.  In the wee hours we concluded, with drunken certainty, that when people who make things call themselves artists, it’s usually because the things they make are not quite as good as they ought to be or could be, and the people who’ve made them want a pass for this because of “who they are” rather “what they do”.

We’ll have none of that in 2015!

[Photos by Jae Song]

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4 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR

  1. I’m absolutely riveted by Jay’s second photo in this post — while appreciating very much the Lautrec feel of the first. What rivets one in the second photo is the straight and faithful light emitted from the cap of The Egyptian. “There is Jackson, standing like a stone wall.” That’s what The Egyptian is saying to me amidst the “smoke of old naval battles” that the fireworks combust. It’s The Egyptian that stays true, that fails not to emit, that beckons us to “go out under the stars of Egypt”.

    • They can’t do fireworks from the roof of the Luxor because of the slippery slopes, but it makes its contribution. Its light, by the way, can be seen from space.

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