John Ensign is one of my Senators here in the great state of Nevada.  For years he's been speaking out forcefully against the legal recognition of same-sex unions, on the grounds that it represents a threat to the sanctity of traditional marriage.

Some might say that he has pontificated self-righteously on the subject, but you have to understand that John saw legal same-sex unions as a clear and present danger to the very foundations of human civilization.

Recent events have tended to confirm his view beyond a reasonable doubt.

When John heard that Vermont, Maine and Iowa (of all places!) had recognized same-sex unions he immediately began fucking someone who was not his his wife.  Who can blame him?  If two fags in Iowa could get the same civil benefits of marriage that used to be reserved for heterosexual couples exclusively, what possible motivation remained for John to honor the sanctity of his own marriage vows?

Vermont, Maine, Iowa — please, in the name of all that's holy!  Repeal your laws recognizing same-sex unions now and help save John Ensign's marriage before it's too late!

John is not a bad person.  He's stepped up to the plate, taken responsibility and expressed contrition for his actions.  All it took for him to do this was a threat of blackmail.  If rumors of other “indiscretions” prove to be true, I'm sure he'll express the same contrition for each of them — all in good time . . . just as soon as the gentle prod of blackmail is applied.

Meanwhile . . . for shame, Iowa — for shame!