The image of Barack Obama eavesdropping on the private cell phone conversations of Angela Merkel is so disgusting, so craven, so masturbatory, so shameful, so nauseating that I’m amazed the man can wake up in the morning and present himself to the world as the President of the United States of America, an office once held by George Washington, John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt — men who would have allowed their fingernails to be pulled out with pliers before engaging in such behavior. Obama has dragged the American Presidency into depths of moral depravity that the Founders could not have imagined, much less created Constitutional mechanisms to punish and prevent.

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6 thoughts on “UNSOUNDED DEPTHS

  1. The next time the idiots who awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize vote, maybe they should consider something other than their desire to give Bush and the neo-cons the finger.

    • Or maybe they just got fooled by his rhetoric, like so many others, including myself.

      • In the past, I don’t recall them handing out Nobel prizes for campaign speeches. Bush has managed to secure Nobel prizes for both Obama and Gore. The Nobel Peace Prize has become the “fuck you right wingers” prize, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • I’m still pissed at the Nobel committee for not giving the literature prize to Dylan.

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