1. There is a scene EXACTLY like this in “The Incredible Shrinking Man” — right down to the kind of radio and the ratty furniture and the great clothes. I feel like we really missed something.

    • Or maybe it’s in “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”.
      Really good movies get sometimes confused in my mind.
      Like “The Searchers” and “Son of Frankenstein”.

      • I think there was a scene like this in “The Searchers” which was cut when preview audiences laughed at the sight of Ethan Edwards dancing to a radio.

        • Think M. and I may have seen that scene on a visit to the Czech Film Archive in 1993. It was shelved near “Cameo Kirby”. I found the scene oddly transgressive yet deliriously cathartic.

          • Wayne was not known as a great dancer but apparently Ford coaxed an amazing jitterbug from him in that scene.

  2. It was obvious from watching it
    that Ford had worked a wonder.
    Made us want to get up and dance,
    right in the stacks, at Prague.

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