New Orleans friend Jonathan McCall sends this photo of his personal hot sauce collection.  Hot sauce is taken very seriously in The Crescent City, of course, and while Crystal is the staple almost everywhere there, the variations are endless.

I’ve got a pretty good collection of hot sauces out here in the Mojave Desert, but it’s only about a third the size of this one.

Just thinking about hot sauce makes me happy.

Click on the image to enlarge.

8 thoughts on “THE HOTS

  1. Crystal did undergo a change after Katrina when the original factory in New Orleans was wiped out. Eventually a new plant was set up with new equipment, but traditions ARE traditions! “Bayou Butt-Burner” is a current fave.

    • Have you noticed a significant change in the quality of Crystal since Katrina?

  2. My father tried in vain to convert people to Crystal in the 1980’s with little success. A prophet in his own town…

    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried that. I do have a bottle of the exceptionally rare Daddy Love’s Ideatron Hot Sauce.

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