. . . on Front Street in Wilmington, North Carolina, across from my grandfather’s men’s clothing store.  I saw movies here in my youth — now it’s a parking lot.

My grandfather’s men’s clothing store is now a brew pub, though with much of its old interior still intact.

5 thoughts on “THE BAILEY

  1. My grandparents home in Brookhaven, outside of Atlanta is now a MARTA station. Gone are the pecan trees and house. It was quite a shock when I turned into the old neighborhood to show my then girlfriend.


    • I’m just glad they preserved the interior of my grandfather’s clothing store — it really takes me back, and they serve some really good beer there. Could be worse.

  2. “Air conditioned” was a big draw. There is still an old movie theater in New Orleans with grates in the floor. Many years ago blocks of ice were kept in the basement and fans blew air over the blocks and up through the grates into the theater.

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