A merchandising artifact from the film The Iron Giant, released in 1999, this wondrous toy is almost impossible to find today.  I tracked one down on eBay — it was kind of pricey in this pristine boxed condition.

The figure of the giant is about 10″ tall. If you push a button on its chest it speaks a few phrases from the film and its eyes light up.  It would be awesome if the giant’s jaw were moveable — otherwise it’s just about perfectly cool.

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  1. hey hi was looking for this from long time , is this on sale i like to buy this online

    plz reply


  2. Actually, I have one, and am looking to sell it. I don’t have the box, but I do have all the accessories (Hogarth, split-car, robot, etc.) It’s in pretty much perfect shape. I left it with my comic-book shop guy, and he put a price of $40 on it. I told him to take it off the shelf until I had a better idea what it’s worth. I’m still trying to figure that out.

    • Can’t remember what I paid for mine but I know that an original box adds a surprising amount of value to any vintage toy.

    • Hello – I’m looking for an Iron Giant – is your boxless one still for sale!

    • My 4 year old son is in LOVE with the Iron Giant … if you have one for sale at a somewhat reasonable cost please let me know.

  3. Hello – I’m looking for an Iron Giant – is your boxless one still for sale!

    • Hello. Yes, it’s still for sale. It’s been sitting while I tried to come up with a price for it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

      • Have you decided how much you want to sell it for? Please keep me posted, I would love to find one for my son for Christmas!

  4. I found a mint-in-the-box one of these on ebay, for $245, I think–it’s gone now. So I’m asking $100. If you’re interested, please email my comic-book guy Emil at He’s at Queen City Comics in Buffalo, NY. Thanks for your interest. -D.

    • Hello,

      I will definitely email him – thanks for the info 🙂 Will he be able to send me pictures of it? Hopefully shipping will be reasonable to Montreal, Quebec!

    • I have sent your comic book guy an email and will now wait for his reply – thanks 🙂

    • Hello again,

      I sent an email to your comic book guy 2 days ago but stil havent received a reply. Perhaps he doesn’t check his emails on the weekend? I will try again tomorrow if I dont hear back from him by the end of the day. If you talk to him please let him know that I am trying o reach him – thanks, Mylene 🙂

      • I’ll check in with him, and either he or I will get back to you. It shouldn’t be a problem sending you some photos. By the way, I know he accepts Pay Pal and personal checks, but not credit cards. Thanks again.

        • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly 🙂 I have Paypal so payment won’t be a problem! I will wait to hear from either him or you – pictures would be great just to be sure but based on your description it sounds perfect. Thanks! Mylene

        • Hi,

          I re-wrote your comic book store guy again on Monday but still haven’t received a reply. Do you think it would be easier if I called the store? I don’t mean to be a pest but I want to make sure it doesn’t get sold while I’m waiting to hear back from him.

          Thanks again,


    • p.s – please fell free to tell him to take it off the shelf in his comic book store 🙂

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