My sister Lee sends this interesting meditation on the song

1985 I went to see Doc Watson perform at Thalian Hall in Wilmington,
North Carolina.  When summoned for his encore, he announced, “Now
I’m going to sing America’s second national anthem.”  And he began
to play
Dixie.  The
audience went insanely wild, feet stomping, hysterical cheers.  It
was thrilling.  I was totally swept away.

And for years after, it continued to bother me.  Why was it so
thrilling?  What did it mean?  I just couldn't figure it
out.  The Civil War seemed to be so simple for Northerners, and
still so complicated for the rest of us.  So I forgot about Doc
Watson and
felt embarrassed by it, and rather guilty too, and chalked it up to
another mysterious, uncharted connection to my “country.” Then, last
summer, after leaving the Civil War battlefield of Chancellorsville with Lloyd, my mom and my two
kids, with my head full of ghosts, and a vision of Robert E. Lee
swinging his hat over his head, his eyes gleaming with victory, I asked
Lloyd if his miraculous i-pod contained within it the song
Dixie, and if so, to play it.  It did, and he did . . .

Read the rest here . . .

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