Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection
a 15-disc DVD box set, might be the best bargain in the entire history
of entertainment.  It includes 14 films plus a bonus disc of
extras, and can be had from Amazon for $84.99, possibly less from other sources
— about $5.70 per disc or about $6 per film.  Four of these films
are indeed masterpieces of world cinema, two are minor masterpieces,
two are interesting misfires, and the rest are just superior
entertainment with bravura passages of pure, breathtaking cinema.

Each of the films has, among other extras, a short documentary about the making of it,
including some fascinating interviews with Hitchcock collaborators, and
the bonus disc has longer documentaries about the making of
Psycho and The Birds.  The Vertigo
disc, which offers the best DVD transfer of the film currently
available, has an excellent commentary by one of the film's producers
and by the two men who did the comprehensive modern-day restoration of
Hitchcock's masterpiece.

If you invest in this set, and an equally wondrous companion set called
Alfred Hitchcock: The Signature Collection,
which has another 9 of Hitchcock's best movies for about $53, you will
never spend another restless rainy night at home in front of the
television.  You will have an endless supply of enchantment.  Just add popcorn.

You can check out the contents of the sets and buy them here:

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection

Alfred Hitchcock: The Signature Collection