This is a poster designed by Jaime Hernandez, of the awesome comics duo
Los Bros Hernandez, for Bob Dylan's great show on XM Satellite Radio,
which might be the best radio music show of all time.  Each week
Dylan plays songs he likes on a given topic.  The songs are great,
but it's also great to see how Dylan organizes music in his mind. 
It's much the way he organizes images in his songs — according to
associations and affinities that don't follow conventional rules or

I don't listen to the show much because like more and more people these days I have a hard
time dealing with scheduled entertainment — unless it's something live
like a baseball game.  If it's digital and I can't download it or
get a copy of it to enjoy at my leisure, it's too much trouble, too
annoying — too much about the convenience of the provider and not
enough about my convenience.

[With thanks to
Boing Boing for the link.]