Clinton says that Barack Obama is not a secret Muslim “as far as I
know.”  It's good to see she's keeping an open mind on the
subject, unwilling to come to any definite conclusion until all the
facts are in.  That's the sort of nuanced judgment one likes to
see in an elected official.

Another inspiring thing about Hillary Clinton is that while Barack Obama talks a lot about hope Hillary is running a campaign grounded
in hope — the hope that she can cut a backroom deal with Super
Delegates to override the will of the voters in the Democratic primaries and caucuses.  That should make
the streets of Denver an interesting place to be this August when the Democratic Convention assembles there.

In a box somewhere I have the headband with a peace sign on it I wore
when I got tear-gassed in front of the White House
protesting Nixon's invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State killings in
1970.  (At the time I was trying to overturn one of the buses
lined up end-to-end around the executive mansion to keep me and a few thousand of my closest friends
from knocking down the wrought-iron fence around the White
House.)  To me the headband is like a campaign ribbon — a symbol of one of
the only signal services I ever did my country.

Am I going to have to pull that headband out again, Hillary? 
Am I going to have to totter through the streets of Denver like an old
Confederate veteran re-enacting Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg forty
years after the guns fell silent?  It won't be a pretty picture,
Hill — but I'm ready.