Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be
happy.”  You probably know this already, and may know the famous
advertising line for Guinness Stout — “Guinness Is Good For
You.”  In fact it is — incredibly good for you.  A moderate
daily intake of beer has long been known to reduce stress and the risk
of heart attack but there are ingredients in beer that work many other
wonders besides lowering cholesterol, including reducing the risk of
cancer and cognitive decline (drink beer, stay smart forever!) and fighting off viruses.  Beer also increases the
metabolism of protein, which is useful if the consumption of beer
causes you to neglect regular meals.  (Hey, it can happen.)

And you thought your love of beer was based purely on moral
depravity.  Not so, my friend!  Far from it!  A beer belly is the unmistakable sign of
a lifelong commitment to personal health.

Some anthropologists believe that grain was first cultivated by the human race not as a food source but
for fermentation into beer — bread was a happy by-product of the
activity.  (The figures above are ancient Egyptians making beer.)  This would mean that the entire advance of human
civilization, which was founded on the cultivation of grain, proceeds
from the desire to toss back some suds.  The next time you're
enjoying a Bach Cantata or a play by Shakespeare or the sculptures of
the Parthenon, raise a glass to the good old boys and girls of 10,000 B. C., who got the party going . . .

. . . and cheers!

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  1. Well beer is one of the most intriguing drinks, many people consider it a bad drink while others can't stop cherishing it. One thing is true: there are millions of beer fans in the world and their number keeps rising, proving that beer is catchy.

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