Bill Clinton mused wistfully about how nice it would be to have a
Presidential race in November between two candidates “who love America”
— meaning his wife and John McCain.  It was a statement whose
unspoken but unmistakable premise was that the the third possible
candidate in November, Barack Obama, is someone who doesn't love

Hillary has almost no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, and
therefore almost no chance of becoming President.  Her thinking
seems to be that if she can't have the Presidency, then no Democrat
will.  She's already suggested that only she and McCain are
qualified to be commander in chief.  Now her husband is riffing on
the right-wing radio notion that Obama is not a true, patriotic

moral decay of the Clintons has become positively rancid — it's
starting to stink up the whole body politic.  Don't they have any
friends who'll take the keys away from them before they drive their car
over a cliff, dragging the entire Democratic party down with them?

[The lovely portraits above are by the great caricaturist Thomas Fluharty, whose web log Amazed By Grace
says that he's not interested in being the best artist he can be but
only in glorifying God and his son Jesus Christ.  Check it out for
some wicked-amazing art work and some fervent Christian proselytizing — a
strange combination.  And thanks to the wonderful web site Potrzebie for directing me to Fluharty's work.  Fans of Mad Magazine will understand where Potrzebie is coming from.]