The ninth page of “Serum To Codfish
Cove” by the legendary Carl Barks, found on Rodney Bowcock's Comics and Stories blog, which
Mr. Bowcock has sadly just abandoned.

I said in my comments on the previous page of this story that Donald's
repentance resolved the moral aspect of the fable — the boasting that led Donald into the mess he's in.  He's gotten his comeuppance and he knows it.  This wasn't the moral climax of the tale, though, which comes here, when the nephews decide to give all the credit for their actions to Donald.  This will lead to a final ironic twist in the next and concluding page.

Great cut between the third and fourth panels above.  As usual when the action gets intense, Barks plays with the panel borders to indicate dislocation.  Notice how the head of the spy in the third panel actually violates the border of the first panel, which suggests at first glance that the spy is within the nephews' line of sight, even though he isn't literally sharing the space depicted in the panel.

Stay tuned for the final page of this delightful work, posted as a tribute to Barks and Mr. Bowcock, whose blog will be missed.