What's happening in Iran right now makes me ashamed that I didn't take to the streets in 2000, along with hundreds of thousands of other Americans, when the Supreme Court appointed George Bush President, in lieu of counting all the votes actually cast in the election — the most disgraceful act committed by that august body since the Dred Scott decision of 1857.

All Americans should have been willing to die rather than accept the selection of its leader by a small group of “wise elders” rather than the election of that leader by the votes of the people.  We lost an incalculable measure of our honor as citizens of a great republic when we failed to respond to the Supreme Court's grotesque violation of the Constitution.

The people of Iran, especially its courageous young women, put us all to shame, and make us realize that we richly deserved our Ahmadinejad — “the mullahs's choice”.

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