[Photo by Corinne Chubb]

The grand gathering began to disperse after the night of the big birthday bash — J. B. and Cotty, hammered by too much fun, seek mutual support, above, as they wait for a plane at the Jackson airport.

A small crowd remained for one more day of fun and a last night of music.

                                                                                                                  [Photo by Hugh McCarten]

I sat and dreamed on the patio, and tried to write the words for a song Eli was working on, without success.  The other remaining guests went for another float on the river.

Eli serenaded Elaine as she came into view around a bend.

                                                                                                                       [Photo by Hugh McCarten]

That night, John's cousin Marina (above, with the author) had us all over to her house for dinner.  She served us delicious elk steaks from elk she had shot herself on the ranch.  Impressive.

Eli, Hugh and John played some tunes in Marina's living room — the site of a now famous hootenanny seven years ago on the last occasion most of this crowd had been together.

It was a good way to wind down from the intense fun of the past days.