It's always sad when an old pair of underpants wears out.  Underpants are the most intimate of companions — they stick with us (and sometimes to us) through thick and thin.  They can serve as pajamas, lounge-wear and as a form of sexual display capable of driving women wild.  The brightly-colored cocktail glasses on the defunct underpants above, for example, send a clear message — “I'm fun . . . but sophisticated!”

I bought those underpants about seven years ago at the Old Navy store on 34th Street in Manhattan.  They were very cheap.  They had a good run and served me well in good times and in bad.

They will be missed.

2 thoughts on “AVE ATQUE VALE

  1. if you ever decide to buy some more sophisticated underwear you can easily maximize the impact of your message by wearing the under garment outside your pants

  2. Yes, but then I'd have to worry about being TOO attractive to the opposite sex, leading to unfortunate public incidents.

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