Get your slice here, courtesy of Bill Bowman and his wife Adrienne Parks, image-makers and wordsmiths in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Bill is one of my oldest friends.  I made my first movie with him when we were 12, our own 8mm version of Frankenstein, a masterpiece of cinematic juvenilia.  I wrote the script for it.  I had never seen a script before and I assumed it must consist of little drawings of each shot with a description of the action and dialogue written next to it.  The storyboard was reinvented!

Bill (above, with Adrienne) played Dr. Frankenstein, I assayed the role of the Monster, wearing a papier-mâché headpiece unskillfully joined to my own head with liquid latex.  (Liquid latex is cool!)  We had read that Jack Pierce spent eight hours applying Karloff's make-up and we felt we could not in good conscience devote less time than that to the process, so we woke up at 2am on the first day of shooting in order to have the make-up perfected by the morning.  After half an hour we had done all we could to transform me into the Monster, so we removed the make-up and went back to sleep, reapplying it at first light.

Bill and I have been making movies ever since.

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