If you're one of those who like their spiritual meditations seasoned with the wisdom of popular culture — Hammer horror films, Thornton Wilder, The Twilight Zone, Jack Kerouac, The Ventures, movies about giant crabs — PZ's Podcast was made for you.  Chatty, eloquent, nutty, and surprisingly emotional at times, this series of talks will entertain you for sure, enlighten you most probably and maybe move you to tears at times.

PZ is of course mardecortesbaja contributor Paul Zahl, The Preacher From the Black Lagoon — now unleashed and fully prepared to infect your computer with viral love (against which all known anti-virus software is utterly powerless.)  Nothing can stop him now!

Check out the podcasts here — each one fiendishly timed to coincide with the length of the average commute to or from work:

PZ's Podcast

One thought on “PZ'S PODCAST

  1. Dupe message…left also on your piece about Lambertville…
    Dear Paul,
    I hope you see this comment. It's your old friend Eileen Lynch tracking you down again. As it happens, I lived three years in Lambertville (1995 through 1998) and loved it. I lived very near the little square you photographed…at least i think so, the angle is a little different from my accustomed one, but I think you photographed on York Street and I lived on Coryell, the next street south.
    I was also amazed to see that your notebook (which contains a sample of the famous tiny Zahl script I remember so well) refers to a Miss Lanoue. Or at least that's what it looked like to me. Can't help but wonder who she was, since my grandmother's maiden name was LaNoue (a Baton Rouge family) and we are almost all related one way or another.
    I would love to catch up. I am living in Philadelphia, teaching Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania, and attending St. John the Evangelist Anglican in Churchville, PA (Phil Lyman's former parish).
    Please get in touch if you get a chance,
    Love to Mary, and to you,
    276-844-1672 (home)
    215-923-2550 (cell)

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