The day after our Red Lobster experience, my nephew Harry and I decided to treat ourselves to some superlative seafood, in its purest form — sushi.  We had an early dinner at Hamada, the Las Vegas branch of a noted Japanese restaurant.  It's a cool place, a bit off The Strip on Flamingo, with traditional Japanese decor and waitresses who wear kimonos.

We sat at the sushi bar and ordered ambitiously, but I failed to realized that each “piece” I marked on the order card was actually two pieces — so we were served twice as much food as I expected.  Of course, it's hard to find yourself confronted with “too much” octopus or tuna or salmon sushi, or too many salmon-skin rolls.  We took home eight spicy tuna rolls, out of the sixteen I had inadvertently ordered, which we polished off later that night.

As dining disasters go, this was a very pleasant one.