It's never a good idea to rejoice over the death of another human
being, even the wickedest of human beings.  Wicked people want to infect
us with their inhumanity and blood lust, and if we succumb we give them
a kind of triumph.  I cried when I heard that Bin Laden was dead — it
took me right back to 9/11, when I watched the Twin Towers come down
from my terrace in New York — but his death doesn't bring closure or
reparation, just a kind of crude emotional release.

The world is a better place without Bin Laden, and he summoned his own
death.  He had it coming — but we've all got it coming.  Now is a time
to rejoice over the courage of the special forces who risked their
lives to put an end to Bin Laden's murderous career — but it's also a
time to pray for Bin Laden's immortal soul, and to meditate on the
mystery of evil, which his death has not put an end to.  It's a time to
resolve to be something different than he was.

Weep for the Bin Ladens of this world, in a way he could not weep for
those he killed.