My beloved horse Rienzi, of blessed memory — as good a friend and as wise a mentor as I have ever had.

He was a thoroughbred, originally called Zorro, who had no success at the track and ended up with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he was abused.  My friend Kevin Jarre bought him to ride while directing the movie Tombstone, but decided he needed a more spirited animal and then gave Rienzi to me when he took on the project of teaching me how ride.  I would say that Rienzi had plenty of spirit, but didn't care to show it except on special occasions.

After his experiences with the LAPD he was forever surprised by kindness from any human being and returned the kindness many time over.  He was a gallant creature who loved to run very, very fast, but infinitely patient with this amateur horsebacker who couldn't always handle the speed.

I think about him all the time.