2 thoughts on “BLOODBATH REVIEW

  1. Hey Lloyd, you might want to consider putting this book in the Kindle Select program… when Prime members “borrow” it for free, it means you get a cut of the “borrow” pool for the month that Amazon sets up. Last month, it was $2.48 per borrow. So instead of making 35 cents per sale, you can also make $2.48 or so per borrow.

    I’ll read this… but tell me first it doesn’t have a “Tracker” ending. 🙂

  2. It was in the Kindle Select program and got lots of borrows but somehow I didn’t get the revenues I expected. Not sure what the problem was. Maybe a book has to be priced higher to get the full $2.48.

    The ending of “Bloodbath” is not quite a s grim as the ending of “Tracker”, but it’s grim. Sorry — I just couldn’t see any way out of it.

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