It begins in Wisconsin — the hostile takeover of American democracy by large corporations. The fight to take it back is going to last for generations. Every politician holding national office who failed to show up in Wisconsin to support the recall movement needs to go — now — starting with Barack Obama. It’s time to clear the decks for action — make room for public servants with conviction and courage.

2 thoughts on “GO AWAY

  1. Yes, we’re (many of us) pissed and disgusted with the results from Wisconsin. I’m not sure whether Obama’s going there would have helped (maybe) or whether it would have made him appear “too partisan” (and would this have been a bad thing?) I know the election this fall is going to be ugly, and I want to bury my head in the sand and just pretend none of this is happening. But if we don’t support someone (Obama) who appears to be a (kinda? sorta?) Progressive, we elect Romney by default, and I’d hate to see that happen.

    In Louisiana a while ago, voters were told to hold their noses and “Vote for the crook” (Edwin Edwards) rather than David Duke. Yes, Edwards was an exceedingly flawed candidate. But does anyone honestly think (aside from the KKK) that David Duke would have been a better choice?

    If Wisconsin depresses Progressives and makes them give up, THAT is a victory that terrifies me.

  2. I see Mitt Romney as a timid, practical moderate masquerading as an arch conservative. I see Obama as an arch conservative masquerading as a progressive. Both of them are in thrall to corporate America and its goals. I can’t see much difference in the way each would govern from The White House. I don’t think either of them has the inclination or courage to enact the kind of financial reforms that might avert another economic apocalypse — the only issue of real importance right now — so their policy differences are, or will soon seem, rather trivial. Just my personal take on the subject.

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