America has a strain of darkness that runs deep in its history and its nature, but I don’t think America has ever gone through a period where its native darkness was as pervasive and unopposed as it is now. The Republican Party, led or driven by the rancid, irrational wickedness of the Tea Party, has adopted a course of obstructionism and nihilism that I think is fair to call treasonous — it would rather see the republic perish than see it survive or prosper under some system other than one it prefers.

All the forces that might normally oppose such madness have been lulled to sleep by the soothing rhetoric of the coward Obama, the ultimate Wall Street stooge.

I remember talking to blacks in the 60s who said they preferred the open and frank racism of the South to the covert and hypocritical racism of the North, because in the South you knew what you were up against — you knew who your enemies were and thus had a better sense of how to fight them.

For this reason, I think it’s essential to get the covert and hypocritical Obama out of the White House, and replace him with an enemy who has the courage to state his shameful intentions openly. This is the only way that an effective opposition to those intentions can come into being.

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