. . . to Suzanne Farrell on her birthday today, created by a 13 year-old girl in Russia named Tamara Pkhakadze.

Farrell was the greatest dancer I ever saw perform in person, greater even than Baryshnikov, and one of the great artists of our time.

With thanks to Toni Bentley, who wrote a profile for The New York Times of Pkhakadze, which you can read here.

2 thoughts on “A TRIBUTE

  1. Thanks, Lloyd. As you know, some of those photos are mighty rare.

    I’ve seen every program Farrell’s presented at the Kennedy Center, but what a shame and a sin that Martins let her go at NYCB almost 20 years ago. Après moi, le turf wars.

    • Things were never the same after Balanchine — but how could they have been?

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