It will be horrible to wake up on 7 November and know that Mitt Romney, animatronic nonentity, will be the next President of the United States — but that will be balanced by the joy of knowing that Barack Obama, the shabby little coward, the worst President since James Buchanan, has left the political stage forever, that he’ll be collecting his thirty pieces of silver from his Wall Street masters in shame and ignominy . . .

6 thoughts on “THE GOOD, THE BAD

  1. We have the best democracy money can buy, no matter who is in charge.

  2. Some choice! Almost time for a revolution and the Social Security Administration may know it as it has put out a bid for 174,000 357 hollow-point bullets. Fortunately, I live in a safe zone, a place known as Baja California, where we only have a dim idea and care less about what is going on north of the border.

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