2 thoughts on “YELLOWFIN

  1. Hey Lloyd,

    It’s Sturgis Warner from growing up in Cleveland Park. The guy who ruined your Frankenstein masterpiece by having a tantrum and walking off the set halfway through the film.

    Believe it or not, I’ve been in theatre my whole life, first 20 years as an actor here in New York City, the next 20 directing theatre. Just wanted to say hey. I’ve heard bits about you over the years, thought I’d be running into you at some point, but you’re in Vegas now. Anyway, it’s late and I have to get to bed, but I hope you’re doing well.

    All my best,

    • Hey, Sturgis — great to hear from you. I don’t remember your tantrum but it definitely did not ruin “Frankenstein”, whose stature as a masterpiece has only grown with the years. Where are you now and what are you doing there?

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