Obama has basically done away with two concepts enshrined in our Constitution — habeas corpus and due process. If you really want to support Obama, don’t vote for him — go out and defecate on the graves of the patriots who died defending our Constitution. Be honest about what you’re doing.

2 thoughts on “PATRIOTS’ GRAVES

  1. In the marriage between the post-countercultural left and the Democratic Party which I suppose goes back to the McGovern campaign, this is the point where the marriage counselor recommends a divorce. The Democrats can’t offer you what you require in terms of purity and you can’t provide what the Democrats what they require in terms of fidelity. As part of a political coalition you fit Machiavelli’s definition of mercenaries: Dangerous, undisciplined and unfaithful. As was evidenced in the Republicans’ exploitation of Obama’s fleeting association with William Ayers, you are on balance a liability. Be gone with you and a pox on you.

    • Ah, you have fallen for the scam that there’s some real choice in November. Purity, indeed. I’d settle for a President who restored habeas corpus and due process, but trust me, that ain’t gonna happen with either Romney or Obama.

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