6 thoughts on “A JOHN FALTER FOR TODAY

  1. Funny. I understand the point and, in the 1950s & 1960s, I’m sure this depiction elicited the sentiment that the old property is inferior because it hasn’t been maintained or modernized. From a 2013 perspective, this depiction marks a sad “beginning of the end” that started ruining the character of old homes that really only needed regular painting to maintain. The so-called improved house is a pity: gone are the turned railings, wooden columns and carved fretwork on the porch; the aluminum storm door hides the hardwood front door; (probably) pink aluminum siding covers the original clapboard; bright white concrete replaces the beautiful herringbone brick walkway. Oh well.

    • Interesting, Beth — I hadn’t noticed that aspect of the image, not seeing past the gag of the industrious man versus the lazy man. But you’re right — the run-down house, even in dilapidation, is more attractive than the gussied-up one.

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