1. Thanks, Lloyd. Kirstein comes to mind a lot, especially nowadays, when my bedtime reading is a few pages of Anatole Chujoy’s history of NYCB. Also, last weekend we saw Suzanne Farrell Ballet’s “Prodigal Son”; that led me back to a DVD on Doubrovska in which Tanaquil L’Clerq is heard reminiscing; that led me to wonder, today, what Kirstein sounded like.

    Have you ever read Alfred Kazin’s memoir, “A Walker in the City”? There is a wonderful passage there about the incredulity his parents felt when young people talked about marrying for love. – “What is this love you make such a stew about? You do not like the way he holds his cigarette? Marry him first and it will all come out right in the end!” . . . Our parents, whatever affection might offhandedly be expressed between them, always had the look of being committed to something deeper than mere love. — I think of Farrell telling her students that they are servants of the dance. Kirstein served the arts and I, for one, am very much in his debt.

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