. . . is on the march!  Light the beacon fires!

The dreadful ghouls who run the NRA, and the lunatic nihilists driving the Republican Party, along with the rest of us, towards economic apocalypse, are human beings of course, our brothers and sisters, but they are in the grip of evil and behaving like monsters.

We must love them as our brothers and sisters, but we must fight them as demons — creatures as far beyond the reach of humane persuasion as the Sandy Hook shooter.

2 thoughts on “MORDOR

  1. Just imagine, any given individual stands a 40 times higher risk of being shot in the US than in Germany.

    Most school massacres have one thing in common: The arms used were stolen from a parent of the culprit.

    • We really need a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Wont stop shooting sprees but would greatly reduce the casualties in many cases.

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