St. James Infirmary Cover

If you want to understand the controversy surrounding the mysterious author A. P. Bowman, read this horrifying tale involving the reanimation of a corpse, necrophilia, incest and cannibalism. Bowman was a fine writer, but he seemed determined to take everything summoned up by his demonic imagination far beyond the bounds of decency. He sometimes claimed that he was only reporting on an actual horror that threatened to overwhelm our world, in the persons of the heinous Saturni, but the hard evidence he claimed to posses of this was always withheld.

All that’s available to us now are his stories — read them and decide for yourself what they truly mean . . . if you have the nerve for it.  You can find this one here — St. James Infirmary — on Amazon for the Kindle.  It’s cheap, just 99 cents, but the price you may end up paying for it cannot be calculated in financial terms . . . only in the coin of nightmare and dread.

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    • Happy new year to you, Adrienne — and please take my advice, don’t read this story unless you’re feeling very brave!

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