. . . this single was released.

Peter Stone Brown writes:

It was at the time the fastest selling single in the history of Warner Brothers Records, selling 320,000 copies in eight days, and eventually reached #2 on the charts. It was also the first time Peter, Paul & Mary recorded a song with the specific intent to be a single. All their previous singles were album tracks. There is no doubt that this recording more than anything propelled the career of Bob Dylan, who it had recorded the song a little less than 11 months earlier.

It was my first encounter with the music of Bob Dylan.  All the older hip teenagers I knew were talking about it — not about the song so much as about its composer.  “He’s only 20!” they said.  “He sings like an old man!  He’s already written a thousand songs!”  Stuff like that.

The Dylan legend was beginning.  Fifty years ago and it seems like yesterday . . .