1. They were being schooled, and they were excellent students. My twenty-something son and daughter went to Bonnaroo last week and both said McCartney was absolutely amazing.

    • Dylan was listening to the lads, as well. Apparently the first time he heard a Beatles song on the radio he froze and said, “This changes everything.”

      • It may have been a two way street, but with an 18 wheeler going one way and a “beetle” going the other, at least lyrically. Dylan was impressed with the innovative chord combinations on I Wanna Hold Your Hand, but I don’t think he attained that lyrical height until Wiggle, Wiggle. I have read that Lennon said he wrote I Am the Walrus as a joke because he thought Dylan was writing nonsense that was being called profound and that he told someone with Playboy, “I can write that crap too.” As between all artists, I think there was a love/hate thing between them, Roll On John notwithstanding.

  2. I mean more someone who had the same cultural importance and the same cultural celebrity.

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