Circus Cover Baja

. . . ladies and gentlemen, step right up — but no crowding please . . . there’s room for all in Greenbaugh’s Majestic Circus, the Miracle Colussus! See Bap and his Congress Of Carnival Clowns, the Flying Kelly Twins, beautiful as fairytale princesses, the fearless Carl Ellenbeck and his ferocious lions, Jumbo the elephant — all appearing for your delight in three rings under the giant bog top!

In the sideshow tent more wonders await — dashing knife-thrower Roy Renaldo, The Incredible . . . savage and exotic peoples from all corners of the globe . . . freaks unlike any you have ever seen or read about!

On the far side of the midway you’ll find the cooch tent, where ladies perform startling dances in costumes that can barely be seen — gentlemen only, of course, positively no exceptions!

And it’s all yours in the romantic novella Circus, for the incredible price of only $1.49! For the Kindle or for free Kindle Reading Apps that work on almost all computers and portable devices, available here!

Step right up!  Step right up!  The show is starting now!