A brilliantly colorized version of the famous portrait by Matthew Brady — from the amazing web site Colorized History.

Lee is such a mythological figure in American history that it sometimes seems surprising that that are any photographs of him at all. Seeing him in the flesh would have been a major life experience — “Virgil, quick come see, there goes Robert E. Lee”. This image is probably as close as we can come to the experience today.

Click on the image to enlarge.

4 thoughts on “ROBERT E. LEE

  1. It’s a combination of a thin-lipped mouth hidden in a beard, along with eyes that have seen far more than most mortals can fathom.
    Reminds me of two people I dearly love (you figure it out)

  2. Note what looks like a floor lamp behind his size 4 1/2 shoes – I think it’s actually the bottom of a head brace that clamps to the back of his neck to hold his head still for the long exposure times required by the photographic emulsions of the day.

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