Women have a hard time being ironical about their sex appeal. Sly and cynical they can do — see Madonna and Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman and their ilk. Pious and self-important they can do — see just about every modern movie “sex symbol”. But good-natured irony is reserved for the few geniuses of sex — Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Dita von Teese and Miley Cyrus.

Men are oddly relieved when women laugh at their lust, without judgment.

2 thoughts on “SEX APPEAL

  1. When I was a sheet metal work, a fellow worker’s favorite line was “Nothing turns my stomach like two tits rubbing up against my back.” Sex is funny because it shows us just how powerless we are. Miley understands this perfectly. People who take themselves too seriously hate her for it in the same way they hate a good crude sex joke.

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