For me, the high point of the Academy Award ceremonies tonight was this selfie, organized in an apparently improvisatory, or mostly improvisatory moment while the telecast was in progress by host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Academy Award ceremonies are basically just a big selfie that the film industry takes of itself.  They’re usually pretty dumb but always successful, because people enjoy celebrity selfies.  It’s the self-importance and the fake jollity of the ceremonies that make them nauseating.  But in the picture above, the various stars reveal themselves as the narcissistic kids they are at bottom — “Look at me!” they’re all saying, with a cheerfulness that’s actually endearing.

The picture even got bombed by the brother of best supporting actress winner Lupita Nyongo’o — he’s the guy on the right-hand side of the picture, obscuring our view of Cate Blanchett — authenticating the spontaneity of the moment.

Click on the image to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “A GREAT META MOMENT

  1. That’s actually Angelina Jolie who’s being obscured by Lupita’s brother.

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